Dress Code

The Club captain would remind bowlers of the dress code of the club. This is as written in the Club Constitution and is reproduced below. There has been a decline in dress etiquette recently, mainly due to the wearing of shorts because of the warm weather. Whilst shorts are permitted, they MUST be tailored shorts. We do not want to get to the position where members are not allowed to bowl because of their incorrect dress code. Here is the required dress code. :

          Dress Code

a) Whites    (Men)        White trousers, white shirt and Club tie or white open necked, co                                                                                     Coloured club shirt. White tailored shorts.

                                   (Ladies)     White or cream skirts (regulation pleats) or trousers (full or three quarter len                                                                                 white tops as County Regulations. Coloured club shirt.     

                 Greys        (Men)         Grey trousers, white top. Coloured club shirt. Tailored shorts.

                             (Ladies)      Grey skirt or trousers, white top. Coloured club shirt.

b) Whites will be worn for specific matches as specified in the Club Fixture Book and on the Club’s notice board.

c) Greys will be the form of dress at all other matches and roll-ups.

d) Flat soled shoes must be worn at all times on the Green.